Cinematherapy in the day hospital treatment of patients with eating disorders. Case study and clinical considerations

Publication year: 2011
Source: The Arts in Psychotherapy, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 12 August 2011

Carla, Gramaglia , Giovanni, Abbate-Daga , Federico, Amianto , Annalisa, Brustolin , Stefania, Campisi , …

This paper described the application of cinematherapy in the context of an intensive day hospital treatment program for patients with Eating Disorders (EDs) for a 40-year-old woman (L.) with a diagnosis of binge-purging anorexia nervosa (AN). The treatment of EDs is complex and still not completely defined. On one hand it is necessary to treat symptoms and on the other hand the use of creative techniques in.addition to psychotherapy could be useful to improve skills concerning the experience, recognition and description of patients’ emotions. Moreover their ability to think using metaphors and to give a meaning both to illness and…

 Highlights: ► Recent research on eating disorders (EDs) has focused on alexithymia and on concreteness of symptoms. ► Avoidance of emotions plays a role as maintaining factor for EDs. ► Additional creative approaches to treatment as usual are necessary to overcome ED patients’ difficulties with emotions. ► Cinematherapy offers an alternative form of inquiry of one’s inner life. ► Cinematic fiction may contribute to the enhancement of self-discovery and self-expression, stirring patients’ psyche through emotion.

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